April 16, 2014

Drawspace lesson S01: Working with color.

This is the first lesson that I'll be working in color. For that matter I will be using my Panda oil chalks and 180gr paper. Since I'm missing dark blue here, I will be adding some purple to make it darker.

This is my first try.

I blended it with tissue paper but id didn't do the sketch any good.

Then I decided to do the same with my lousy colored pencils.

Conclusion - they are indeed lousy.

After that I searched the web for some techniques and found this video. Apparently, you can use a cue tip to make it blend. So I gave it another try.

Not perfect but better.

On the way I added 3 tasks added to my 2014 Resolution list: explore pastel drawing, colored pencil drawing and water color drawing techniques.

P.S. Several days before publishing this post I bought a new set of colored oil-based pencils. Here's the sketch.

Oh, the joy!!! I can't even start to describe the experience, it felt so right! Effortless, easy and smooth work. You can see the difference between the petals: there are two of them that I pressures the pencil harder than on the other three, but still. The effort was at it's minimum. I love it!
The only thing I can say now is goodbye old pencils, hello new ones!!!

April 13, 2014

Drawspace lesson R02: Exploring Oil painting brushes.

Long time ago I did some oil painting. I both cases the situation was as such: take a brush, put some oil on and do what we tell you to. My first teacher did some explanations about brushes, but nothing I could remember now. My second one - well, taking into consideration that it was in a class, I don't know how much really was she able to explain.

So on one hand I'm pretty happy with this lesson. On the other hand - oil painting is not part of the plan at this moment. So I guess, I'll just remember that this lesson exists and get back to it when it's relevant.
Here's my one and only painting that I did on my own without any help from anyone. I love it.

This is a very old photo, and you can see my shadow on the canvas.