September 14, 2014

How to blend with colored pencils

I am constantly looking for drawing tips and several days ago I found this beautiful shading technique for colored pencils. If you follow the given link you'll find an example with the video presentation.

There are three shades of the same color - light, medium and dark - and the order of shading is as such: light, medium, light, dark, medium, light.

I obviously wanted to try this method to see what will happen. I decided to use my Snail again, redraw and shade it anew.

My first one was a complete fail, as you can see I didn't even finish it. I thought that the dark was too dark and that I wouldn't be able to blend it properly. Of course, I was wrong, but I decided to redraw it anyway. 

So this is the second try and I love it. The only thing I regret is not drawing some decoration on the sail's body so it would be even more gorgeous :).

And then I decided to draw some carrots. Looking at them now I don;t know wich one is better. While finishing the upper one I've noticed that because the dark one was too dark it didn't blend too well/I did the other one but in this case there was not enough of the dark and the carrot came out really flat.

So I might just keep on trying and use this technique because I simply love it :)

September 10, 2014

How to draw a triangle in perspective

Funny thing - I didn't find any proper explanation on the subject so I tried to figure it out in my own. One thing that is mutual to drawing geometric figures in perspective is to find it's center point. So with that in mind I began my sketching.

After several tries I've realized that anything to do with 1PP triangle is very simple. You just draw it. Any kind you wish. As simple as that. Just change your Vanishing point (aka a triangle top corner).

It gets more complicated when it's a 2PP. And here, apparently, it's the best to draw a rectangle and then work from there.

You draw a rectangle, find its middle and draw a line to its upper side edge. And then you connect the three points, as shown.

It's not too complicated but I'm surprised that there is no tutorial on the subject. Should I write one?