November 20, 2014

Anyone can draw - thoughts of the artist

One of the things that I received from Mila Naumova of Anyone can draw program was a brochure she wrote. This is an encouraging brochure for beginning artists. Those who don't believe in themselves and try to convince themselves that they cant, for different reasons, become an artist.

Many of the things Mila wrote about are know to me, like believing in myself, and that baby steps are better than no steps at all, and that negative critique is usually a waste of time unless it's a structural critique.

But there was one thing I really liked that she wrote. She said that beginner artists tend to compare themselves to the Masters. And that is why they get disappointed, discouraged and frustrated very quickly. Mila says what these beginners should really do is compare their today's self with their yesterday's selves.

I partly agree with this idea. Obviously, one should compare himself with another, a better one. But this comparison is in no way should discourage but encourage the one who seeks the progress. Otherwise, it can become a very, very sad process. And progress, after all, is one of the goals in every new thing one learns.

November 17, 2014

Anyone can draw, lesson 4 - drawing stains in squares, a baby face

This lesson is pretty interesting, nothing I've ever done before. The given task is to draw an image using stains.

There is a square divided into 9 smaller squares and they are numbered. Below are squares with images. If you'll look closely, this is actually a face of a child divided and rotated upside down. Right side of the brain, remember? The task is to fill in the big square using smaller squares and then shade them.

It appeared to be a face of a baby. The best portrait I've ever done.

 The eyes are uneven, but overall I'm happy.