July 22, 2014

Illustration Friday: Repeat

This is another IF weekly task - a Repeat.

One of the first things that came into my mind was repeat(ition) as a practice. I used to figure skate, you see so I know very well what a repetition means. It means hours of hours of practice to make one single move look and feel at least decent. Mostly, it is a tiny part of that move. And it's the same thing with drawing: you draw countless times of the same thing to make it feel and look good. For me - these are circles. I still can't find a perfect method to draw circles. Do you have one? I'd like to adopt it. Although, many say that there is an easier way: just to take a circle form of the proper size and draw around it. Or to take a compass, if the whole that stays in the center is not important.

This is my short process for making this sketch. It's not even a sketch. It's just a repeat of something.

I really thought of circles and then I suddenly I saw myself in a first grade trying to write my letters properly.

Funny thing. My first version of the letters was in English; I wrote "R"s, "r"s, "S"S and "Y"s.

And while writing those letters I though, hey, I have no idea how they learn letters in the US, or GB or any other English speaking country. So I did another one in Russian.

Here it is.

While writing I kept on thinking of something Julia Cameron said in her book "The Artist's way". In the book she talked a lot about making some baby steps to make a progress. So my ideas are simple and imperfect at this point, but I do my babysteps.

It's better than nothing.

July 19, 2014

Tips and tricks: tray for my pencils

I've been drawing with pencils for a while now. My good colored pencils are all arranged in a flat sectioned box and my simple ones are in a wooden box just as they are, in a big pile. While drawing I usually take out only those pencils I think I'll be drawing with and put them on my desk. The problem is that sometimes they just roll down and break. To prevent that I decided to buy a little tray with velvet inside, like those for jewelry making or display. Just like this one.
The problem was that I wanted it right away and I couldn't find it anywhere nearby. So while asking for it in a local craft shop I was suggested to make one. I thought, why not? I love crafts! I love working with my hands! I bought a simple wooden tray and some velvet paper (apparently there is such a thing!) and went hope totally excited!

So I took my tray, put a light coat of acrylic varnish on it and simply glued the paper inside.

Obviously I made some mistakes measuring the tray and cutting the paper so I while gluing I had to cut and re-cut it several times. But hey, it was so worth it! Because after 10-15 minutes I had my own new velvet tray. It came a little bit pricey in the end - around $6 - but I really don't mind. I didn't have to browse for it for too long, I didn't have to order it and go to post office for it so I guess in the end it was a money well spent.